Hägar The Horrible

Hägar The Horrible

Hägar Dünor le viking

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Message from Paula [paulaeg@sayitstraight.org]

2017-01-13 01:04:20

We loved Hagar showing his son about holding a grudge, carrying a grudge having a grudge match and his son asking if Hagar ever held a grudge. He answered, "A few." We would love to have a copy of that.
Message from Ed [eip_98@yahoo.com]

2016-08-10 02:24:52

Just want to go thru old issues
Message from Ed [eip_98@yahoo.com]

2016-08-10 02:24:24

Just want to go thru old issues
Message from Micky [Micky@gmail.com]

2016-01-22 21:26:02

Brilliant to see a website like this LOVE Hagar the Horrible, Cheers dude!
Message from Walter Jrg Langbein [W-J.Langbein@online.de]

2015-10-31 20:44:06

Sorry, made a typing error. We have two daily newspapers here in the town of Lgde, Germany. Both have Hgar. In PYRMONTER NACHRICHTEN HGAR, THE HORRIBLE is called HGAR THE VIKING, in LIPPISCHE LANDESZEITUNG he is correctly called HGAR,THE HORRIBLE. I Start my Day with Hgar. Love, Walter
Message from Walter Jrg Langbein [W-J.Langbein@online.de]

2015-10-31 20:34:01

In our town we have two Local Papses with Hgar dailys. LIIPISCHE LANDESZEITUNG calls them HGAR, DER SCHRECKLICHE (Hgar the Horrible), but PYRMONTER NACHRICHTEN calls them HGAR, DER WIKINGER (Hgar, the Viking). Im writing from Lgde, Germany. Best wishes, love - Walter
Message from Kristen Renee

2015-07-13 21:21:13

Been visiting my grandmother in California and when I was little, we used to read the funnies every morning and for my trip, (been a month now) I have been cutting and pasting all of the funny Hagars into my journal. So witty and hilarious. Always a great start to my morning!
Message from Hagarfan420

2015-05-15 05:29:52

Message from Shekhar

2015-04-13 03:56:17

Just too good ..
A laugh a day makes the day
Message from Sam [ABC_DEF11235@mail.com]

2015-03-17 08:12:28

Very Hilarious

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