Hägar The Horrible

Hägar The Horrible

Hägar Dünor le viking

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Message from Shekhar

2015-04-13 03:56:17

Just too good ..
A laugh a day makes the day
Message from Sam [ABC_DEF11235@mail.com]

2015-03-17 08:12:28

Very Hilarious
Message from Hagarfan420

2015-02-25 04:05:54

Message from shababaty [shababaty@hushmail.com]

2015-02-22 06:52:58

Hi this is an IMPORTANT message for Cris Browne.
The Ecuadorian Government has censored Hgar the Horrible calling it sexist. The Universo Newspaper publishes the comic strip for many years. Unfortunately the Gov of Mr Correa persecutes cartoonists See Bonil. Could you please send me your contact details via mail or twitter @shababaty Many thanks
Message from Dotty [Kevjanepearson@btinternet.com]

2015-01-26 22:19:58

It makes me laught
Message from bishal [bishalbera@outlook.com]

2015-01-11 10:50:21

hagar i m a bag fan of yours
Message from Stawnts [swegsweg@gmail.com]

2014-11-06 04:08:18

I like to read viking comics.
Message from Archer [geyre@kinect.co.nz]

2014-04-07 21:36:32

Absolutely Brilliant, always loved Hagar the Horrible.
Message from Will [will.minton@asmnet.com]

2014-01-30 02:03:17

Hi - There is a strip about "Sales Quota" and pushing a rock up a mountain - where can I get a copy of that?
Message from Bill

2014-01-03 18:24:03

Don't have Hagar in the Monterey Herald and am so sad to see it cancelled. Hope someone can bring the good comics back.

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