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Message de Bill Pavesic [bpavesic@gmail.com]

2020-02-26 17:05:04

I love the cartoon on 2/24/20 about not letting it breathe.Years ago I had a Sunday Hagar comic framed but in some move from US to Guam to Korea and back i lost it. The cartoon was also about letting the wine "breathe" but then Hagar shouted it needed "resuscitation!" Do you have any idea I might look for it??
with 968 + weeks to find it may take longer than my 78 yrs of age might last.
Message de Petey [Peter@tanczos.co.uk]

2019-11-21 14:04:38

Loved Hagar, where did he go?
Message de John [ArntzenJE@aol.com]

2019-06-21 17:53:39

I saw a Hagar cartoon back taped to a cabin wall back in 1997 and would like to purchase one of you books containing it. It said something like this: The kid says"where is Dad going?" Then Helga says "to kiss his boat goodnight." Which book to I buy to find that, approximate date??
Thank you.
Message de Nate [ncfriesen03@icloud.com]

2019-06-04 03:26:09

Message de MaryLee [Auntme@embarqmail.com]

2019-05-17 13:53:19

Would like to get the strip where Hagar tells his wife that they seem to be getting closer ..... and they stand big belly to big belly. Please help. Thanks.
Message de PQ [paul.quella@gmail.com]

2019-05-10 02:33:12

Looking for year of Golf Related HTH strip. I known it was on 6/19/??. He explains to Hamlet what looks to be about birds & bees, but it is golf. Thanks.
Message de sauvage123fezz [pascal.sauvage12345@gmail.com]

2019-03-04 00:15:12

beau site waw !
Message de Tom [shadoobee@aol.com]

2019-02-04 21:28:35

Hi, I am in sales and would love to have a copy of the strip where Hagar tells his son what “quota” is. I remember he tells his son that quota is a rock you push up the hill all year long and then on Jan. 1st it is right back at your doorstep.
Message de Thomas [shadoobee@aol.com]

2019-01-02 13:17:00

Hi I am in sales and have been for many years. Would love to have a copy of the cartoon where Hagar explains “quota”. I recall he tells his son about a rock you push uphill all year long and finally get it to the top. The next day (January 1st), it is right back at your doorstep.
Message de Mima [georgievamima@yahoo.com]

2018-12-15 21:59:59

I would love to see again the comic where Hagar is talking to a diplomate of an opposite side and the diplomate is sugarcoating the message.

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